If are keen to improve your Recruitment outcomes invest 30 minutes in this webinar. You will gain insights into new and different ways to get better results from Recruitment.

I have included a time line in the Contents section – so you can just dip in to topics that interest you. Please feel free to share.


0.30: Intro from Joanna Wands, RISQ Group
1:40: Intro from Catherine Cahill, Worksense Solutions
3.37: Correlation between Recruitment and Performance
4:55: The Importance of Challenging your Managers
7:57: Values before Skills?
10:53 Realistic Recruitment Time Frame
13.25: Background Checks
14.15: The Corporate Psychopath
16.20: The Nervous Interviewee
18:00 Great On Boarding
22.38: Reducing the Randomness
28.00: Questions
28:30 How do you handle nervous candidates?
29.45: How important is a Handover?
32.15: How do you test for Values?
34.40: How do you manage Turnover?
36.36: What is the best follow up to Interviews?
38.35: How important are pre employment health checks?
41:00 The critical importance of working on work relationships