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Career & Management Mentoring (at any age or stage)


More often than not our careers choose us (your first job, or what you studied, sets the stage for your career).  It is never to early or too late to spend time examining what drives satisfaction for you at work. You may have fallen into the right career, but into the wrong job; or you might need help finding the right role when you return from a long break from work; or maybe you have never had the chance to really examine why you do the work you do.

Or is someone at work making you anxious or causing you to question your own sanity?  I will coach you through dealing with difficult people (and managers), and help you recognise if you are in a toxic environment.

By working with me you will gain a better understanding your current situation, and be able to plan and take the steps you need to change it.

My  experience includes successfully assisting people resolve very difficult people issues at work, find new jobs and new careers, and to return to work after significant absences.  I also provide Outplacement services to people who have been retrenched.

I have a strong track record in Career Counselling, generalist Human Resources Management and Employee Relations, and I have developed and delivered Recruitment Strategies to attract candidates to a wide variety of organisations.  I am a Certified Coach with Taylor’s Core Values Inventory; a system that helps you better understand your own behaviour at work. This rare combination of knowledge and insight into both sides of the recruitment equation – Job Seeker and Recruiter – means I can increase your knowledge of what makes an employer want to hire you.