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New Year / New Job?

How happy are you to be returning to work? Did you promise yourself once again, that this year would be the year you made the change?

Before you completely settle back into the routine of your work life, let yourself imagine what your ideal work situation would be.

Career Choices

How close is your current work to what you just imagined?

Maybe you are content with the work you do, but there’s something about the organisation you are working in, that just makes every morning a little bit too hard to get up and going.

Often when people think about making changes, before they have the chance to get too excited, their brain starts telling them all the reasons why they should not take the risk.

Most of us did not know what we wanted to do when we left school. Those that thought they did, were usually following careers based on their final school results. Most doctors became doctors because they happened to be top of their class; they did not think about what the role was, or whether or not it actually suited them.

Other people follow the careers of their parents (or their parent’s aspirations for them), or they follow what they have seen – teaching, police work, nursing, acting etc.

And many people just applied for hundreds of jobs when they left school, until someone offered them one. So for many people, their career chose them, they didn’t choose it.

I have worked with so many people over the last couple of decades who struggled through unhappy days at work, because they just did not know how to make the changes they needed to make.

And before you make any changes, you really need to know the answer to this question: what makes you happy at work?

There is no one magic answer. It is different things for different people. It’s different things for the same person at different times in their life too.

You may actually have the right job – but you have found yourself working with the wrong manager. Every day you feel more exhausted by the relationship with this person. With coaching, you can learn how to protect yourself, get back your energy and resilience, and either stand your ground and be happy again, or leave feeling stronger and more confident.

If you have found yourself changing jobs previously because you were unhappy, only to find yourself 6 to 12 months into the new job feeling just as unhappy as you were before, you need some help to work out why. Sometimes we are so busy running away from a bad situation, that we don’t clearly see the new situation we are running into.

If you feel you are too young, too old, too stuck, too much in debt – to make any changes – you really should seek help – because you are selling yourself short.

If you have been discouraged because your job applications have been rejected, then get some help to get your applications working for you.

For many people, a change in job is not as hard as it might seem at first. With the right advice and coaching, a great CV, and really good insight into your own reasons for moving somewhere else, you can succeed.

Whether it is making changes in the job you have, or moving to a new company, or even a new career – you owe yourself the opportunity to at least see what might be possible.

Don’t talk yourself out of it, before you even try.

Do this before the busyness of your life takes over again.

I can offer you an obligation *free 30 minute consultation – just so you can ask some of those questions that are burning in your brain! If you decide that we could work well together, then we‘ll talk about the best way to make this happen for you.

Don’t wait another year to promise yourself you will be happy. Phone or email now.

And, check out my Career Mentoring page for more insights.

*free 30 minute consultation by phone or Skype