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Recruitment Risk Management

If are keen to improve your Recruitment outcomes invest 30 minutes in this webinar. You will gain insights into new and different ways to get better results from Recruitment.

I have included a time line in the Contents section – so you can just dip in to topics that interest you. Please feel free to share.


0.30: Intro from Joanna Wands, RISQ Group
1:40: Intro from Catherine Cahill, Worksense Solutions
3.37: Correlation between Recruitment and Performance
4:55: The Importance of Challenging your Managers
7:57: Values before Skills?
10:53 Realistic Recruitment Time Frame
13.25: Background Checks
14.15: The Corporate Psychopath
16.20: The Nervous Interviewee
18:00 Great On Boarding
22.38: Reducing the Randomness
28.00: Questions
28:30 How do you handle nervous candidates?
29.45: How important is a Handover?
32.15: How do you test for Values?
34.40: How do you manage Turnover?
36.36: What is the best follow up to Interviews?
38.35: How important are pre employment health checks?
41:00 The critical importance of working on work relationships